Milton Glaser

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve heard of Milton Glaser until watching this film. However, I really like his designs. They’re all very simple yet unique. Many of them had a classic feel. I’m glad to finally know who’s behind the famous “I <3 NY” phenomenon! This logo is everywhere… It’s printed on shirts, mugs, teddy bears, key chains, and so much more. Everybody recognizes it. There have even been spinoffs such as “I <3 LA” or “I <3 DC.” My question is: why didn’t Glaser capitalize on his design and try making a profit off of it? I know he’s already one of the most successful designers in the world, but I can’t help but wonder how much profit such a simple design would have generated. I can’t imagine!

I also loved his concept for the restaurant “Trattoria Dell’Arte.” I feel like a typical Italian restaurant would use a full-body sculpture. However, Trattoria has sculptures of various different body parts spread throughout the restaurant. There’s a nose in the entrance window, a mouth somewhere else. I also like the paintings zoomed in on different human body parts. This use of body parts isn’t uncomfortable at all, either. In fact, I think its very classy and sophisticated. Trattoria Dell’Arte definitely has its own distinct atmosphere.

The restaurant’s website aligns nicely with their theme, too:



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