Milton Glaser – “To Inform and Delight”

Designers can learn a lot from Milton Glaser, who has been an influential designer for many years. Arguably most notable for his, “I <3 NY” design, Glaser has played a huge role in bringing awareness to New York City. Although the design seems almost seamless and almost natural (maybe because we see it everywhere, just like we see Helvetica everywhere). In the movie, Milton said, “It really makes me feel very, very proud to have taken part in that shift in the city’s consciousness from being indifferent to itself to realizing, ‘We love this place”. This really exemplifies how influential Milton has been in design and how much design can engage and affect people. We know that this design has been effective because it has been replicated hundreds of times. For example, I’ve seen designs on shirts/posters/mugs/etc. that say, “I Love LA”, “I Love SF”, and even “NY Loves Me”.

Simply from the “I Love NY” design, I can tell how influential designs can be. His sequel design for 9/11 is notable and recognizable because everyone has already seen and knows the “I Love NY” design. “I Love NY More Than Ever” really strikes people’s emotions and takes the design to another level. As the first design is like Helvetica, the sequel is very noticeable and not part of our everyday life.

I’ve learned through Milton Glaser that design can impact people’s decisions and  emotions. One thing that was really incredible was how Milton essentially branded NYC. He took a city [that everyone loves] and brought awareness to it through such a simple design. It just goes to show, how design can really turn nothing into something.


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