Milton Glaser- “To Inform and Delight”

I really enjoyed watching “To Inform and Delight” because I got to see design in a different way. I got to see Milton Glaser and how design impacts everything in his life. Glaser said, “the glory of design is when you get to transform what’s in your mind into an actual thing that you can see, touch, and feel.”

One of the most interesting things that Glaser said was that he tries to create the same emotional response with graphics that music creates with sounds. I never thought about graphics in that way before. After Glaser said that, I started noticing the movement throughout his works. This remark made me look at my own works differently. For example, in my poster draft, I now see movement, and I want to expand that movement to deepen the emotional response my poster evokes.

I also thought it was brilliant of Glaser to say, “everything is related to its opposite.” I had never thought about design as finding contrast with opposite, I simply thought, “use black and white.” Glaser’s remark really made me start thinking and it really is true, everything is related to its opposite! In our résumé for example, we had to be mindful of our content and our content’s opposite, the margins, in order to make our résumé feel balanced. We are always creating contrast with light and dark. Also, I found it amusing that Glaser thinks the best way to communicate with other people is through a puzzle. Glaser said, “people remember things when they use their problem-solving part in their brain, opposed to just being told something.” I completely agree with Glaser in the fact that I personally remember a poster that piques my interest and makes me want to figure out what the intended message is. Glaser made me realize design isn’t about pictures, it is about ideas and words that come together and uphold culture.


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