Milton Glaser: Woodstock

As I was watching the film To Delight and Inform, I loved watching Milton Glaser and how he went about just simply living his everyday life. I found it extraordinary that a man who created one of the most iconic graphic designs (the I love New York design) could be so humble. He was not concerned that he made no money for the design- he was more pleased with the fact that he had a part in changing the attitude people had toward the once run-down city. Not only does that say something about Milton Glaser as an individual, but it also says something about how he views his work. The work he does is made for a purpose, not for money. The attitude Glaser portrayed throughout the film was inspiring. He was optimistic, kind, and seemed to have a real love for life. This came as no surprise to me when I learned he lives in Woodstock, NY.

Woodstock, NY is just a forty minute drive from my house in Albany, NY. I have gone to Woodstock for my birthday since I was 14 years old. The town of Woodstock is a great place to go to escape any stress you might have. It is filled with little boutiques, art galleries, tee-shirt shops, and apparently, Milton Glaser’s home. Something surprised me though. While Milton Glaser’s personality fits perfectly with the creative and unique stereotype that belongs to the town of Woodstock, the art that comes from the town seems a bit different from his designs. Some art galleries in Woodstock are very famous, while some are an eclectic mix of neon colored paintings that the artist threw together just a few hours prior putting it out for sale. Something that differs from Milton Glaser’s work, in my opinion, is that he does not have a style.In the film, he stated that he never wanted to be categorized. In fact, it was the reason he left the first job he had as a graphic designer. Woodstock art can often be categorized in one way or another. While I believe that Milton Glaser as a person fits perfectly into the towns dynamic, I believe that Milton Glaser, as a designer, does not fit so perfectly into the Woodstock mold.


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