Leave it to this class to help me look at design in a whole new way. At first it was the Helvetica and now Milton. He is really a design god. He does not over think things like I would do. To him design just happens. He is also extremely humble and transparent. I was shocked that in his office he sat among all his coworkers. In todays professional fields that is something that is hardly ever done.

One of the most interesting scene of the film was when he crated the 40th anniversary poster by hand. In this digital era doing things by hand is often unheard of, however he made an amazing discovery in doing so. At times technology does not allow that kind of detail or creativity. This helped me to respect our sketch book we use for our assignments. Another interesting aspect of his life is how long he has been doing design. He has gone through all the transformations and has adapted well. It goes to show that design is not just about talent but adaptation.

The film was extremely an eye opener  Each film was watch in this class shows the passion that goes behind design. Every color stroke and shape all have purpose. Milton even though the way he speaks of design is extremely passionate. He wanted to not only show images to his audience but tell a story. A story that would not only inspire but create a lasting impact. Thanks to this video I will never look at an I Love NY sign the same again with out thinking of him.



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