Mind Over Matter: The Doug Bartow Story

Listening to the stories of successful people in any industry is inspiring especially when they are self made entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not as much a profession as it is a mindset about life. It’s not only about how to approach business, but more so, how to approach obstacles in life. Our guest speaker, Doug Bartow, does both.

Bartow has walked a rocky path to get where he is now. Starting of with an interest in science  and later discovering it wasn’t his passion at a late age didn’t deter him from finding a way to accomplish his goals. Unfortunately, there was still no guarantee he would. When he was employed by a small design agency, there was uncertainty whether the young creative would still be working past the first six months. In the end, the reward was worth the risk as he still grows with the company today. This is a good example of how to persevere through uncertain times, how to take calculative risks, and how to use the resources around you to make what you want, work.

Today, he tackles design and branding problems as a business professional. Rarely is he involved in simply “making a brochure.” His line of work digs much deeper. It involves understanding client goals, identifying issues with the way the company markets itself, and developing a plan to evolve their brand identity. All requiring hard work, extensive research, and critical thinking. If that doesn’t embody an  entrepreneurial mindset, I don’t know what does.

All in all, Doug Bartow is a clear example of what it takes to approach life’s problems whether it be in personal or professional.

Jean Degraphe

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