Morgan Cavalcanto


  1. Morgan,
    I remember seeing your poster in class. I think you really listened to the critique and made appropriate changes that make it seem more elegant. Also, now the proper audience is being targeted, adults. Removing the smiley face from the sun also helped with that. I really like the color blue you chose for the background. It makes the whole thing really pop. I like that you kept the horizontal lines representing the musical lines. The typeface is perfect because it reminds me of musical notes. I think overall it gets the message across really nicely. Well done.

  2. Morgan,
    I agree with Jessica completely. I think you took the critiques in class and made your poster a lot more professional looking. The graphics and typeface give the poster a very elegant, sophisticated feel. It definitely looks like the event targets adults over children now. The color choice also really works because the poster has an overall cool, calm tone but the color in the seasonal graphics make the poster pop. Good job!

  3. Morgan,
    I like that you change your event title to “Vivaldi’s four seasons,” which make it much easier to read. The blue background feels good and is quite united with the graphics. I like the vertical version better as it has more white space, making it look like the blue sky not just the background. I think you did a great job!

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