No Money, No Problems

If there’s one thing that I learned from the film To Inform and Delight, it’s that graphic designers are under-appreciated. I had honestly never heard of Milton Glaser before this film, even though I have apparently known about him my whole life. The “I Heart NY” logo, possibly one of the most iconic images in the country, came straight from the hands of Glaser, and yet his name had never crossed my mind until now. The fact that he said he has never made money off of that design is heartbreaking to people that appreciate the value of design and the time it takes to reach a successful idea. When I think about it, there are a lot of prominent designs in our society which I have no idea of the origin, and it’s unfortunate that these designers work so hard for very little, if any, credit. But for some reason, they continue to design.

So that’s my negative rant; onto something a little brighter. I was really inspired by the video and the work that Glaser does. His designs appear to be simple at first, but his use of type is incredible. I especially liked the design of his name that he used as his office logo. It is simply the letters of his name, but watching his process of finding the perfect typeface and alignment emphasized that the smallest changes can make a huge difference. I am facing this with my own poster now as I make the final tweaks. Even changing the positioning of one letter in the title gives the poster a different feel.

I loved watching Glaser’s work style and how easy going he is. While being a graphic designer may not literally “pay” off, Glaser definitely makes it look rewarding. What is that called? Oh, right–passion; the old “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Glaser makes it seem like that could actually be true.


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