Objectified–design matters

At first, I was not paying much attention to design, and not interested in design and creativity, as well. However, when I saw the video, I found design is everywhere in our life. A chair, a spoon, and even a toothpick is all designed by thoughtful designers and a complicated experiment process. There was a German designer gave a very concise summary of what is design, “Design details, design is long-lived, design is as little as possible, design is environmental friendly, design is aesthetic, design is easy to use.” He also said there are not many companies take design seriously, but Apple is one of the exceptions. People may wonder why Apple is so popular these days. Before I watched this video, I thought they just had great computer engineers, good business strategies, and amazing leadership team. However, In this video, I saw the root of why Apple is so successful. They have a good design, and they take design very seriously. One of the Apple designers said a good design is indicating something, if not, it should not be there. A French designer said design is how to organize the space, and it is like composing the music. Also, the design should not just good looking. It needs to plug into human behavior because good design makes life more convenient and straightforward.

Yanjun Li

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