Objectified instantly opened my eyes to how blind I was to the objects around me. The story behind the toothpick was amazing because the idea was so simple yet millions of people overlook the use of the tip everyday. A quote is mentioned, “Every object tells a story if you know how to read it”. The quote by Henry Ford really stuck to me because the commodities we use daily all have been designed in a long, thoughtful process that we rarely think of due to the fact we are so accustomed to it. The more time I spend in this class, the more I realize that good design is well-thought out, with every element holding a purpose to the bigger picture. I also really liked the quote, “Good design is as little design as possible” because it almost feels to me that design is putting together elements that merely belong together as a whole, rather than just thoughtlessly drawing in something to occupy space. I really enjoyed watching this documentary because it just affirmed the fact that good design should only have elements that are needed and that serve a purpose. It needs to convey an experience for the viewers/users!


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