While watching Objectified, I learned that many things happen over time and sometimes we simply attribute the “wear and tear” expression for why things worsen over time. However while watched Objectified, I realized that if something is designed well , it has the potential to enhance and become better overtime. Additionally, sometimes I get discouraged when I cannot navigate certain devices or figure out how to use a new item quickly, and after watching the documentary I realized that it may simple be designed poorly. Everyday so many people use new devices or even work with older products. We sit in chairs that are uncomfortable and tolerate poorly working devices because we allow ourselves to believe that is the way they were intended to be created. I found it interesting that in Objectified, a designer said it is unacceptable to sit in uncomfortable chairs because of how many practical and fantastic designs have been successful created in the world.

I also found the concept of making design matter really interesting. After working on our projects throughout the semester, I finally understand a portion of what designers go through to finally arrive at a completed design. The purpose of design, as mentioned in the film, is to touch someones soul and truly make a difference in the world. “New stuff”, stuff that we either may or may not need, is not what makes this world unique or creative. Designers are tasked with being both sustainable and creative to make products we use everyday. I have made the connection that designers think about the complex systems in which their products exist, beyond simply being aesthetically appealing.

Danielle Hay

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