It’s pretty moving to think of the fact that designers labored in order to make every object in my room so comfortable and user-friendly. While watching “Objectified” I was fascinated by the extensive thought that designers put into every object they create- even objects as miniscule as a toothpick. A designer mentioned that it is ludicrous that some uncomfortable chairs exist today, in an age where plenty of comfortable chairs have been created, and attributes that to poor design.

A designer is truly responsible for creating an experience, and making sure that things- whether they are objects, or magazines, or websites- are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Design isn’t just about finishing touches, but is rather about the overall product, and enjoying well-designed things is part of what makes living in this world so exciting. My respect and admiration for designers has definitely increased while I watched this film because I think the job of creating an experience is so essential- and one that we oftentimes ignore.

Rawan Ashoor

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