Objectified in some sense has changed the way I look at all the objects around me. There was a really striking part in the movie when the narrator said something to the effect that the design of an object makes a person start to assume things about it, like what it does, how much it costs, and it also tells something about the designer. I found that fascinating and I realized that in fact when I do look at an object I make those exact judgements. I also found the example of the peeler to be quite interesting. I found it amazing how such a simple object went under such drastic changes only to “fixed” by adding a bicycle handle to the grip. Another quote that struck me was the quote “ultimately my job as a designer is to look into the future.” I found that quote to be amazing as well because it puts into perspective how tricky design can be. A designer nor anyone else can predict the future and the fact that a designer’s job is to make things look futuristic to an extent is simply amazing and puts into prospective how hard graphic design can really be. I learned that every single detail matters whether something is being designed as a poster in Photoshop or a toothpick in Japanese culture.

Nicholas Jannuzzi

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