Something unique about the film Objectified was that, unlike the other films we have watched in class, it gave a perspective of design that reaches beyond the realm of graphic. The main focus of the film is primarily industrial design, an area of design many amateur designers forget to classify under the same umbrella as graphics. Although many of the factors that go in to industrial design revolve around engineering techniques and methods, I learned that the process in creating those pieces is the same process graphic designers take in their creations. If I were being perfectly honest, I would say that ,prior to watching this film, I would’ve classified graphic design and industrial design as two completely different things, but little did I know that they are more related than I thought. I realized that graphic designers  work in order to ultimately create an experience that “informs” and/or “delights” in the same way that an industrial designer creates a positive, hands-on experience for the user. Something I thought was mildly amusing was the discussion about the industrial design behind a camera and how its traditional, square shape is no longer a real necessity. I though this was interesting because it also goes to show that although the typical shape and the physical design does not necessarily need to be consistent, the idea of an experience is still the most important factor of the design itself.

Cory Fernandez

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