Objectified is quite thought provoking. It unveils the world of industrial design, which essentially is the creation of everyday products for functional use. The documentary followed the design processes and made some interesting points about some everyday products you normally don’t ever think about. For example, the Japanese toothpick. Apparently the lined part at the top is not for aesthetic appeal, it serves an actual purpose. It is meant to be broken off to signify that it has been used and the part that breaks off doubles as a stand to rest on. Who knew?

The part that really stood out to me was when one of the designers asked what was more important, mass-production or mass-communication. This made me think about what really matters when it comes to design. I think the answer is a personal one and largely depends on the designer. As someone who is considering design as a career, I asked myself this question. What would I prefer my work to be? I think I would prefer my work to fall under mass-communication. I’d want my work to have a purpose and make and impact. I’d want people the stop and think, then remember what they saw and talk about it. I think that is what makes design so special and so influential in our lives. Design is largely about impact. Like Professor Strong always says, “You are creating an experience.” As a designer, I want to create an experience that creates a lasting impact for many.


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