The documentary Objectified informs us the importance of industrial design. Every object goes through the process of designing, and manufacturing in order to become the final product. As the film states, almost everything is design, and that every object consists a story. In addition, I was surprised to notice the fact that we were unconscious of how our daily lives were improved with the better performance of objects. While we are using everyday objects such as cups and spoons, industrial designers were behind the scenes in the process of designing objects for our convenience.

The documentary pointed out that there were few companies that took design seriously; however, Apple was the only American company that considered the design as the main part of the company. Apple wanted to be innovative with its purpose of simplicity. Jonathan Ive, Apple VP Design, briefly explained his contribution in designing Apple products as an industrial designer. He asserted that industrial designers have to look at different attributes of particular product in order to provide great functionality. It was interesting to hear about how materials were recycled and be used as parts of the keyboard. He also added that design that seems simple could be the design that went through with huge efforts.

Moreover, the documentary leads us to reflect upon everyday objects we use. There were numerous powerful statements were made throughout the documentary. Good design should be innovative, product, aesthetic design, will make product understandable, honest, un-obstructive, long-lived, consistent in every detail, environmentally friendly, and should be as little design as possible. Since numerous companies want people to buy more of their products, involvement of designers is significantly crucial. As the time goes on, people tend to want new things with different looks, and new now. Hence, industrial designers are pursuing to create more innovative, and intimate products for our better lives.

Hye Min Chung

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