Objectified: Form vs Function

Design is all around us and its form transcends function. From computers to chairs and even simple hand tools, the look and feel of every object is customized to perform beyond its practical use. It doesn’t only look good, its also not disruptive to the eyes, it blends in with its environment, and all parts that make it are necessary. The example given by one of the interviewees explained this concept perfectly. If an alien species were to visit Earth hundreds of years ago, they would have an idea of how to use human tools just by its shape. Even if an alien never used a spoon before, they could figure out its purpose. This is unlike today’s technology like smart phones or computers. Their purpose isn’t intuitive. If an alien were to look at those objects, could they guess that its used for long range audio communication, text messaging, and internet access? Could they guess it is a TV , a gaming platform, a GPS, a social media platform, and more all at the same time? Doubtful.



Jean Degraphe

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