“Objectified”- What is a good design?

I didn’t know that design has really played an important role in our daily life before I saw this documentary. I thought that design was just for people who like drawing and designing instead of people like me. however, after I saw the film, it surprises me that almost everything we use everyday include design. Also, good designers design every single detail not to show how they can make the product become cool and unique, but all about how to be functional in little design. One example is Apple. One of their engineer said they asked themselves “Can we do these 6 ones just into one?” during the process of design the keyboard. That’s why Apple dominate the major market. It always provides consumers with simple designs but good functions. Also, a good design can understand the human and object relationship. One designer says that they need to understand what people need more than themselves. One example for this is OXO. This is the company focuses on how to make people’s lives become easier. When they design the peeler, they tried various different types of handles, and test them one by one to see which one make people feel more comfortable and at the same time help them peel well without hurt their hands. This is only a company which produce food products, but they will make force analysis on people’s hands when produce a peeler and analyze that how the design makes people feel less difficult when peeling.

Xuekun Su

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