Before watching the documentary Objectified, I didn’t realize that design comes in so many different forms and functions. I realized design is a part of almost every aspect of life.

Design is not so much about appearance but rather it is about function. The true test of a design is how it functions and the ways in which consumers are able to use it. If the design is too difficult for consumers to understand and use, then it has not been very successful.

An example of design that is a part of our everyday lives that I hadn’t noticed is Apple’s Macbook. Apple is able to dominate the field of new technology because it provides consumers with beautiful yet simples designs that are also functional and easy to use.

It amazed me the process of industrial design and the extent to which the designers went to ensure a product was functional. An example of this was the tools. They designed the handles in a way that they would be usable and wouldn’t hurt the consumer’s ability to use them. Appearances are important, but function is key.

I always understood design as a means of appearances and how good a product looks. However, after watching Objectified, I realized the beauty of a design is useless if the product itself does not work. For example, I have a cousin who designs Fossil watches. He can design beautiful watches, but in the end, if the watch isn’t functional, the consumer will have no use for it. To me, this just highlighted the importance design plays in people’s everyday lives and the things they use.

Isabel Engelbrekt

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