The documentary Objectified completely changed the way I look at the world around me. When I look around my room, I see simple objects such as beds, chairs, storage cubbies, etc. However, every single one of those objects was designed for a specific reason to fit its use. For example, in the movie it talked about how if you have never seen a chair before, you would still be able to guess what it was used for. The same goes for the storage cubbies in my room; if you did not know what they were for, you would still be able to guess they were used for storage.

Never before had I thought of a vegetable peeler or a whisk as being designed by people who do that for a living, but Objectified changed that. People are hired to make items appear the way that they are supposed to be used. Before this graphic design class, I really only thought of design as “design on the computer,” however this documentary especially changed the way I thought of graphic design.

Annie Kelly

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