My main takeaway from watching Objectified was the idea that “from when you wake up, everything has design.” After hearing this statement, I stopped and considered the extent to which this is true and realized how I take designs for granted. Before watching this documentary, I never really thought about how something so mundane as my backpack was carefully thought out by a team of designers. Or how even the desk I use in class, the case I use to store my laptop, and the emblem on my hat all took copious time and effort to perfect. The documentary provides an example of this when it mentions the pair of hedge clippers. A team of designers worked to create a special grip that caters towards people with arthritis to prevent them from dropping the tool while working. The grip they developed is simple and effective, providing extra aid to both those who need it and the average user. This documentary has helped me see just how much design is embedded into society and everything we use, and is a field that can never truly receive the credit it deserves.

Nicholas Grew

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