During the movie one of the designers, Marc Newson, said, “My job is about what’s going to happen, not what’s happened.”  For industrial design that makes sense because being the first to introduce a product or material can be a big step. Another designer mentioned Apple as one of the top companies in the industry because they are so ahead of the game of design making things useful yet sleek and unique.

Newson’s quote is relatable to the field I hope to go into, online journalism. Social media platforms are extremely useful to reporters in sharing and getting feedback on their stories.  These social media platforms have even added new tools, like SnapChat’s featured news pages and Facebook’s live feature, that news networks have utilized to reach new audiences. I use SnapChat throughout the day and it has become one of the major ways I read news. It is a quick and visual way to inform people.  This has become useful because the average attention span for people reading things has shortened drastically over the past decade.  The Facebook live feature has allowed people to be at events or get reports in real time making the viewer feel more connected to the subjects.

Connor Fogel

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