Objectified Blog Post

Something that really stood out for me watching “Objectified” was the continued emphasis on simplifying every design. Good design is many things, but arguably most importantly “good design is as little design as possible” Simplicity–that is something has been drilled into our heads since the beginning of the semester. Having a complicated design is having a useless design, because if a design is too complicated for anyone to even understand it, then what’s the point? Design is telling a story, so you need to make sure the viewer can understand what that story is. Going along with this point, someone said “Many of the best examples of industrialized design are things that people don’t think were even designed at all.” They were so simple, yet eloquent, that no one even thought they were designed. Another thing I felt was interesting was just to go back to the basics of designing, how it’s a way to be “systematically innovative.” Yes, it’s about simplicity, but it’s also about how innovative and creative you can be while STILL making your design simple. Good design is a design that is able to find that perfect balance.

Ari Gilberg

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