Objectified Details

Objectified is my favorite piece that we have viewed so far this semester because it really made me think about my surroundings. Of course the segment about the toothpick was simple yet stunning. The design itself is a result of years of development but when he mentioned that the top was supposed to be broken off to signify that it had been used and also to serve as a “toothpick rest”, it was a revelation for me.  My roommate is a design major and she discussed a paper she was writing that was about whether or not objects look like the function they are supposed to perform. “For example, does a toothbrush really look like something that brushes your teeth? Or should that be a surprise?”she would ask me. I really don’t know the answer but I think it should be a little bit of both. The toothpick does look like it is supposed to be picking at something, but he tip that can be broken off is a pleasant surprise.

I love the quote from the video “Whenever we design, we improve the way people do things and how easy it will be for them without them really knowing”. Seeing how the subtle alterations for constructing the tool handles made such a large difference in the end made me appreciate every detail that designers consider. Now when I look at products, although I always did notice details, I see them in a different light. I understand that every curve, cut and angle had a purpose.


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