Objectified Response

The Objectified documentary was an interesting film that took viewers around the world of design. From America to Poland, we were shown that through all the different styles, products, and design methods one can see throughout the world, the end goal is always the same: making your product the most efficient it can be. One part that particularly intrigued me was when a designer claimed that the only American company that has truly mastered this art of design is Apple.

Apple has been a leader in design since it’s beginning in the late 1970’s. Listening to one of the lead designers from Apple talk in such intricate detail about the smallest light or notch on the newest Macbook and how that each tiny detail contributes to the overall Macbook experience was so interesting to listen to. There I was, sitting on my own Macbook taking notes on the documentary in class, and I started to notice all these little design details that I never would have cared to notice before. Similarly to this, was when one designer said, “The microchip changed design from what you see to what you don’t see”. With this in mind, it was intriguing to see the Macbook evolve from it’s first model to what it is today in 2016.

Overall, I loved how this documentary opened my eyes to a different kind of design. It’s easy to think of jobs in design as solely graphic designers until you actually learn all the possibilities that design has to offer for students. After Objectified, I can finally understand what all my friends in the Com Design major actually do!

Caitlin Kearns

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