Objects tell stories, if you know how to read them

We use thousands of products EVERYDAY yet it has never occurred to me that there is someone behind each design who has to thoughtfully plan out and think of every consequence that could follow one item. To non-designers everything they use in their lives is just an ordinary object that they use to cook food or brush their teeth with, but to an industrial designer it is a work of art. They plan so much time thing about the color, shape, size, edge and other details we do not even think about normally. One designer in the film, Objectified said “every object tells a story if you know how to read it.” This quote blew my mind because I cant imagine something in my daily routine like my contact case can tell an actual story… However now thinking about it I can see that there is a story behind how the contact case was fitted so that it gave enough room to protect these lens that I put in my eyes for days to ensure I do not get eye infections. The shape of the contact case is convenient, so I can bring it anywhere with me. The colors of the case’s caps are different colors so I can tell apart the left and right lens for each eyes. Another designer added to this idea by saying, “Good design is honest, innovative, consistent in every way, Eco-friendly” and so on. My contact case is  a good design. It was crazy how much this documentary showed me that there is so much innovation in our world, right down to a contact case.


Brianna Thompson

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