Office Hours, Sketch, and Just Have Fun

The first thing that stood out to me after reading “Lessons Learned” was how important office hours really are. Nearly every single student listed going to office hours as one of the five most important things they learned. Professors constantly tell their students to come to office hours, and most students don’t (I rarely did last year–maybe once or twice total). However, hearing how helpful office hours are for this class definitely convinced me to rethink about my approach to office hours in general, and especially in the future for this specific class. Although I do have experience with both Photoshop and InDesign, hearing how helpful they were for other students I know I could still use the extra help and the ability to talk about my projects and get constructive criticism from  the Professor who is going to actually be grading them. Another thing that stood out was how multiple students emphasized planning and sketching on a piece of paper first, before you even start on a computer. I can’t really draw at all but I guess it would make sense to just first get the image in your head on to a piece of paper because you could find out that it although it may look good in your head it may not look good on paper or on Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator. And the last real lesson that stood out was to be creative and passionate about your works. This really spoke to me, in both all my writing assignments and photography assignments, my best works were the ones that I had the most fun doing. I look forward to this class and I’ll definitely be going to office hours.

Ari Gilberg

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