Operate by Interruption

There are so many ways to make art and to communicate. Different methods are used by different people. Some paint, some draw, and some use computers. Through “To Inform and Delight” I was able to gather that, although everyone works in different ways, they operate through interruption. I love the idea that designers and artists operate through interruption. Nothing is perfect, and neither is the design process. Allowing yourself to be interrupted and taking away from the interruption is extremely beneficial to your design. Interruption can inspire you and change the entire direction of your design.
Design is a process. It may not come together in a day, but when it finally does, it often spurs from interruption. The best designs are inspired. They are inspired by events and topics that provide distraction and a new point of view. Milton Glaser thought he had come up with the ‘I <3 NY' logo only to be inspired at a later time. This just goes to show that ideas can come from everywhere.
Out of everything in this documentary, surprisingly, I took away that Milton Glaser’s studio is across from a school yard. I can’t even imagine how refreshing it must be to hear children laughing everyday. Typing this now, it may seem like hearing kids yelling and playing all the sudden might be annoying and distracting. But it’s not. It can’t be. It’s an interruption. Interruptions like this, allow one to step back and look as his work from a different point of view. The laughter, joy, and innocence of children is incredibly inspiring and brings a youthful touch to design. It really is beneficial.


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