Our Journey through Breedings Office

Before our Skype session with Greg Breeding I had a few visuals in my head as to how a Design office worked and looked like (the office usually looked like a cross between a messy art room and a newspaper room). However, being able to see the inside of their office was definitely an eye opener. It was much more organized then I had for some reason imagined and I thought the desk policy they used to have is very innovative and interesting.

Moreover, seeing Breedings work with Selamta, their Ethiopian Airline Magazine, was inspirational especially now when we’re working on our own iPad Magazine. It allowed us to see how the process is actually done and he reminded us that a lot of times there are requirements from the person your working for that you need to take into account when designing. This adds an extra element of difficulty, but for someone like Breeding, he was still able to create something appropriate, distinctive and consistent.


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