I don’t know if I would have ever associated typefaces with passion. However, after watching “Helvetica”, I can attest with utmost certainty that typeface encourages quite the amount of passion.

The manner in which the designers praised, criticized and even engraved type into their skin gave me an intense, yet fleeting, glimpse into the passionate world of typeface. It was interesting to see something that I’ve so often taken advantage of play such a vital role in another’s life.

Additionally, the video opened my eyes to the vital role that typeface plays in my life as well; especially the role that Helvetica plays. It is everywhere! Today, before writing this post, I actually tried to find signage that didn’t use Helvetica. It took me nearly twenty minutes before I stumbled upon a sign that didn’t use the very popular type.

While hearing remarks from, let’s call them the anti-Helvetica designers, I remember thinking, “This typeface is such a cliché.” And because I consider clichés to be a crime against humanity, I was surprised when I reevaluated Helvetica and found that I actually think it is anything but a cliché. How can something so perfect for every situation be a cliché?  It is simply genius, and brilliance will always be persecuted.

See what I mean? Typeface can evoke a surprising amount of passion.


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  1. I agree that Helvetica is great because it’s so useful. It’s interesting that you came to the conclusion that it’s not cliche. A cliche is something that loses its effectiveness because it’s used so much and with Helvetica everywhere you turn, that can’t be the case!

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