Post 2: Lupton

Letter: In part 1 I found the section about mixing typefaces very helpful. Lupton basically said that when mixing typefaces it is better to create contrast rather than harmony. I understood this as it is better to make a noticeable difference that looks like it is on purpose than to make a slight change that just looks like a mistake. The easiest way to do this is to pair a typeface with a big size and a light weight with a typeface with a small size and a dark weight. I found this useful for the resume project because I used two typefaces. I think that they are contrasted enough…or I hope so at least.

Text: There were a few interesting sections in part 2. First of all, I liked seeing the section about vertical text because I used vertical text on my resume. I was glad to see that it is best to stack capital letters, not lowercase letters, because that is what I did. The next meaningful section to me was about how to mark paragraphs. On pages 126 and 127 some examples were given on how to separate paragraphs. I was surprised to see that sometimes on papers I use the only example that was given as a type crime (to indent and use paragraph spacing at the same time). I can now see how that is a lot of differentiation at one time. I definitely won’t be separating paragraphs like that anymore! The third section that I found helpful was the exercise on hierarchy on page 144. I loved seeing the examples of other students and seeing how they would all organize one set of information differently.


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