1. Really liked the idea and execution performed in this poster. Everything from the type to the visual works together. The shadows that you created from the surfers themselves is an awesome way to add to the visual. Of course having the surfers themselves would have been fine, but adding in this small detail, that many of us I would think would forget, really adds up. The type in the water does not get overpowered by the water itself, blends it but stands out perfect. Also, as I was writing this now, I just realized that the sand is in the shape of the state of California, which is remarkable how you were able to add that into your visual as well.

  2. This project is beautiful. I love how you took advantage of the California coastline, for starters. Then used the sensation of reflection to convey the surfers walking along the beach. It is very aesthetically pleasing, between the colors you used and the text is not only informative, but strategically placed on the page. You chose a rather wonderful typeface for this. It is a considerably laid back typeface, which is perfect for the mood. Also, you were able to successfully highlight specific text by making it white. This allows the reader to truly hone in on the message you are sending and advocating for: “Healthy coasts and clean water.”

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