Ready for a Challenge (Lessons Learned)

I have been apprehensive about taking GRA 217 since day one of transferring into Newhouse. I had seen my other friends stress about critiques, spend hours upon hours in the Newhouse labs, and scream at their computers when they got frustrated with the various design software they were learning. I also saw them create incredible work that they didn’t know they were capable of doing, and saw their satisfaction at the end of the semester once they realized they had grown creatively.

On the first day of class, you had us answer the question of what we feared most about taking GRA 217. I responded that I was worried I would struggle with learning the design software and that I am not creative enough to produce good/interesting content. After reading the Lessons Learned post, I realize these are both normal and silly fears. The students your previous classes reminded me that everyone is here to learn. I may not understand the Adobe programs right away, but that’s okay. As long as I apply myself, and put in the effort to learn, then I’ll be okay. I also feared that I lack creativity. How do I come up with concepts for projects? Where do designers get their ideas and inspiration from? One student said “see design everywhere….inspiration lies everywhere..be observant.” I’ll remember those words of wisdom throughout the semester when working on my own projects. This course will hopefully help me to not only open up my mind to more creative thoughts, but to open up my eyes to world and people around me. As a future public relations specialist, these skills will certainly come in handy.

I am now looking forward to this class and the challenges to come. I’m ready to work my creative juices and grow. I’ve decided to stop worrying about producing perfect work for a grade (although I do help that I produce solid work and a good grade), but instead I am focusing diving into this creative adventure and truly learning something valuable. While I may face some struggles, I’ve already decided to take the advice almost all of your 2014 students gave…going to office hours! At anytime I feel lost in the abyss of colors, fonts and placement, I’ll be sure to stop by your office.


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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing you there! My favorite part of teaching is helping individual students (during office hours) improve their concepts and designs. Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together. 🙂

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