real life graphic design

Last week, we got the opportunity to see graphic design work in real life. Greg Breeding was kind enough to give us a tour of his workplace in Virginia. It was so cool that his company turned a house into a place for business. Instead of working in cubicles, they work in different rooms in a house, even some have fireplaces! Listening to his experience as a graphic designer was eyeopening. It seemed like such a great place to work and the work they do is so interesting!

The stamps that Greg has been working on really interested me. I never thought of stamps as being graphic design until this Skype session. It was interesting to see how he has modernized stamps into what they are becoming today. Merging old ways into new ways is something that graphic designers can do!

Overall, I loved this Skype session and it was a wonderful real life lesson. It gave us insight into a graphic design career. Although I am a public relations major, I know I will be working with graphic designers and Greg briefly explained that process and relationship. This just makes me excited for the future and real life work.

Rae Sanchez

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