Real life of a graphic designer

We had a chance to see what a real graphic designer’s real life looks like last week during class time. Greg Breeding is a member of Journey Group,the creative agency in Virginia. He provided us a chance to dig in to their lives and get to deeply understand what is graphic design. It is kind of surprising that in the real world, graphic designers are closely related to the business. Greg told us that they will have to listen to their clients’ requirements and ideas; while figuring out a way to mix these ideas with their owns. At the beginning of this course, I thought graphic designers are some sort of artist. However, in the real world, graphic design has become a business like marketing and public relations. I now understand that even though the graphic design is a artist work, it is still some sort of business in the real world. It takes not only ideas and skills but also communication and corporation between the clients and designers in order to fit all these requirements. Greg also showed us what it looks like in their laboratory. What makes me feel attracted is the friendly relationship between all these co-workers. As I have learned through out this semester, graphic design is a individual job, but it also requires a lot of communications and a healthy working environment will definitely be a plus.

Jiecheng XU

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