Redesign the World

I am impressed by Milton’s idea that he is not simply creating things but redesigning the world. Design can influence everyone unconsciously. Design can make the world more diverse and delightful. Design helps to create unique experiences in people’s lives. Design is everything and everywhere.


What I learned from to inform and delight is that typefaces in design should be more decorative and communicating. For instance, when Milton Glaser designed the cover for fortune magazine, he combined the number 5 with word hundred, which was simple but informative in the cover. Therefore, when I design my poster, I am always thinking about how to make typefaces simple but informative.


As a teacher, Milton Glaser said that he did not teach anything real but teach a way of perceiving the world. If we know the world thoroughly, we can always combine art with nature and combine experience with design. In the film, Milton design a steal wall with hollow clouds in it. The wall can have shining shadows in the ceiling when light is shining on the wall. It is so amazing that Milton Glaser took advantage of nature and created unique art. This is the first time that I has realized that art is so close to nature in that nature is inspiring.


Last but not least, I think design can also be practical. For example, Milton Glaser’s student redesign the prescriptions of drugs because her grandmother mistook her grandfather’s medicine. The act of redesigning the world can bring convenience to people’s life. This film let me know the importance of design in the world. I think the power of redesigning the world is huge enough to create a new world.


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