Reflection of ” To Inform and Delight”

I felt really enjoyable when I was watching the movie “To Inform and Delight”. The main character, Milton Glaser, is a kind and optimistic man is his life, and a brilliant designer in the design fields; he knows how to drag people’s attention by using his unique graphic designs.


After I returned Syracuse from the first-time travel in New York City, the Statue of Liberty and the “I <3 NY” logo were the only two things that left me great impressions of NYC. After watching this film, I realized the logo “I <3 NY” was cleverly designed by him. This logo simply contains two single colors (black and red), two words, and one heart symbol, but it does drag people’s attention effectively; today, it has become a popular logo that can be found everywhere; it is also imitated by other cities or countries by changing the last word into another city’s name or a country’s name.


I adore his work is not only because his fantastic graphic designs, but also his attitude of life; and I believe that people who love their life know how to design, because they can see the beautiful things in their own “world” and are able to share their our perspectives to the others. In the case of Mr. Glaser, I think he lives in his design, and his design is a reflection of his life. For example, he loves food, and his friends even said he was addicted to food. He loves using food in his design and creates it in a way that he thinks delicious and attractive; I believe he draws the food not only rely on how it looks, but also how it tastes; this makes the design alive and persuasive to viewers. Moreover I think the process of eating food, which starts from biting, to chewing and tasting, till finally swallowing is the same as the process of interpreting a design work; firstly, we have a overall view of a graphic design, and then get some meanings from it, finally we keep it in our mind if it is impressive to us.


In words, Mr. Glaser’s design life inspires me a lot: we actually do not have to do our design in a way of finishing an assignment or force ourselves to come up with some good ideas; everything/ every inspiration comes from our life. If we pay attention to the atmospheres by noticing what happens around us every day, ideas are everywhere.



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