Same Story, Different Chapter

“Stories are what influence people”. This statement by Journey Group’s Greg Breeding was my biggest takeaway from the video chat I was fortunate enough to be a part of in today’s class. Hearing Mr. Breeding talk about a line of work that interests me so much, yet that I know nothing about, was a rare opportunity to see behind the walls of a successful creative agency. It baffled me to learn that Journey Group works primarily for non profits, because I never stopped to think that non profits (like the US postal service) required specialized designs or unique stamps! Once again (and for the millionth time in this class), my ignorance regarding the unfathomable amount of design in the world was corrected. Now each time I lick a stamp, I will think about the hours and hours of thought, sketching, and digital work that went into each small square.

Mr. Breeding reminded me how design speaks to the human heart and invokes change. This is the largest lesson I will take from design because it reminds of the life changing power that designers possess. Even when a designer knows he/she must satisfy the client, they hope that they will be able to alter the client’s prospective so that they may see their own desires come to life in a different, unique, and creative way. That is what I hope I have achieved through my own assignments in this class: a unique prospective. Mr. Breeding’s chat also reminded me that even the professionals must turn out 5 or more different versions of the same magazine cover, and that patience is key when it comes to design. I learned I must challenge my own ideas and never settle on the first thing that comes to mind. In this way, Mr. Breeding shared with me a new chapter in the same book of design that I have been learning from all class. Now nearing the end of the semester, I am eager to apply all I have learned to the final story I hope to tell.

side note: I hope, like Greg, that I will have a fireplace in my office one day.

Hannah Butler

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