See Where It Takes You

I chose this title: “See Where It Takes You” because Milton Glaser was about not overthinking his work and just seeing what happens. He created the simple I <3 NY logo. Although at first look it seems as if that could be created in minutes it took him multiple tries to come up with something that gave NYC the pride it deserved. He said “It was part of the cities shift from being indifferent to loving this place.” The way he talked about the I <3 NY logo really struck me. He said the I is a word, the <3 is a symbol and the NY is an initial. He did this because it makes people stop for a little to figure it out. By making it all words or all symbols it is very easy for the eye to figure out but by making it all different items (word,symbol, and initials) he makes people stop to further look at it.


I was thinking about my own poster a lot throughout this movie. I want to change a few things around and try to incorporate more symbols. This movie also made me realize that just putting ideas onto paper it better than thinking so much about it. The best ideas can come from sketching or drawing whatever comes to mind first and working with it.


Glaser said bring your message with power to your audience. You want to deliver a message regardless of what your poster is for. You want the audience to get the necessary information to attend that event that you are promoting through your poster. Glaser demonstrated many amazing techniques and ideas and I learned so much from him by watching this movie.


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