Seeing in New Colors

The conversation with Greg Breeding had me feeling like *Channing Tatum voguing*channing-tatum-vogue

He doesn’t even know it, but Greg Breeding gave me the opportunity to see in a different color. For a long time, I have been uncertain about my career after college. I spent three and a half years in Broadcast Journalism knowing I would not be the news reporter Newhouse trained me to be. Graphic design showed me an entire new world of career opportunities and Mr. Breeding solidified that.

Graduation is around the corner, and I have accepted that I will begin my career in busy New York City with 4 roommates. I’d probably be someone’s production assistant ordering cookie cakes for colleagues going on maternity leave. I was okay with that.

But when Mr. Breeding mentioned the Martin Agency based in Richmond, VA, I saw an opportunity. Richmond is right in my backyard and working at the agency would give me the chance to live with my mother and help her with my sister (who is transitioning into tween-hood) and my grandfather plagued with heart ailments. While simultaneously getting quality experience in a field I did not see coming: broadcast production.

Breeding said visual storytelling in the catalog world is imagining something totally new that one did not expect. And that is exactly what happened to me. I did not expect this Skype session to help me see in new, vivid colors. I am so thankful for Professor Strong and her awesome friends!

There was another gem Breeding dropped during the talk. He said being a controlling client is the equivalent of “going to the doctor and asking for the medicine you want.” We should let the doctor do his or her thing, right? They are trained in their field. From this I learned to stop overthinking and trying to control outcomes I cannot reach and to (reasonably) let things happen naturally. It was in a random day of class that I figured what I wanted to do in life. And that this broadcast  background is quite applicable to the world of design after all. This moment was liberating.


Fatima Bangura

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