Simple Idea and Complicated Design

A good design is able to convey great information with simple and readable images. A little sparkle of a design can ignite a simple idea. By watching the movie and understanding Milton Glaser’s creative process, I begin to know that a creation is simple as well as complicated. A simple sparkle can lead to a great design. However, most of the times, it is hard to find the core of a design which can lead to the ultimate impressive design. This makes the creative process complicated and difficult. Moreover, just finding the sparkle to initiate a design is not enough. The rest of it is more technical and need professional skills. The great original ideas can be inspired, and everyone has great ideas, but finishing it is more complicated. Like the design “I love NY” created by him, this is a simple idea but also extremely effective and impressive. Now this simple design has become a symbol of New York City. It is printed on t-shirts, mugs and all kinds of other products. A design can actually ignite an entire industry. There is great business and economy behind good and classic designs.


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