Simple. This is one thing Milton Glaser realized he needed to incorporate into “I <3 New York,” in order for it to be iconic. Often, humans try to go “above and beyond”; we think everything has to be exciting and over-the-top. Glaser proved that this is not the case, by creating a logo with three letters and a heart.

Also, this design also did not use so much color; in fact the opposite is true, as Glaser only used two colors. I found it so fascinating that just as Glaser had only used two colors, as that is all we were allowed to in our resume. I truly saw the reason why, as the viewer’s attention is not on the colors, instead on the context. As a lover of color, I see the importance of using minimal color in graphic design. Not only was there not many colors, there was only a tiny pop of color. When revising my resume, I found it useful to only use color very minimally, as “a little goes a long way.” Color is needed to move your eye along in both the “I <3 NY” and my resume, yet, overdoing it would make the information less valuable.

Speaking of values, I loved how Glaser was not creating designs in return for a paycheck. He was proud to be apart of something that unified his state; he was not designing this image to make money for himself. Glaser proved that a job should help change the world. Glaser received his “wealth” by seeing his design all around the world. By being a simple man with a simple idea, Glaser demonstrated that simple designs could be recognizable, classical, and life changing.


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