So That’s Where I <3 NY Comes From!

It was truly a treat to watch “To Inform & Delight” and to learn about one of the most notable designers of our time. It was so cool to not only hear about Milton but to hear directly from the designer himself.

The single most important takeaway I had from this documentary was that designers don’t create art, they create a culture. As mentioned in the documentary, design affects the way we get information, the way we buy things and the things we buy. I never really took the time to think about this but it is totally true. When I really think about why I buy certain products, most of it goes back to how the product looks.

What surprised me the most was Milton’s passion for designing for a supermarket. I honestly would have thought this job to be one of his least favorite…how creative can one get with this? If I was assigned to design for a supermarket I wouldn’t exactly be jumping with joy. I realized Milton was so passionate about this project because this project would make life better for people. If labels and signs were easier to read, people would have an easier time navigating the supermarket. Up until now I have thought of art and design as a very selfish thing. I thought it was someone’s own self-expression and if you didn’t ‘get it’ then you obviously weren’t literate enough in design to understand. Milton made me realize that design is all about giving back to the community and improving the life of the everyday man/woman. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, it is art. But most importantly design guides the world.

I realized this even more through his student’s drug packaging story. I couldn’t believe someone, let alone a designer, actually puts thought into how prescription drug packages are laid out. I never, ever stop to think, “Oh wow my prescription drug packaging really looks beautiful. I must know who designed it!” But I am able to read the labels quickly and access the information on the packaging efficiently, and for that I have a designer to thank.

Once again, I am blown away by the beauty and power of design. Milton’s passion for what he does was truly inspiring. I hope to one day pursue what I love and help the world, just like Milton did.


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