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I love New York. I really do. Any every since I was little, I’ve admired the famous I ♥ NY items that swarm the city. Shirts, hats, books, bottle openers, glasses, suitcases, snow globes. You name it, they have it. But the magic behind the famous and simple design was a mystery to me until watching To Inform and Delight, a documentary about Milton Glaser, graphic designer, founder of New York Magazine and creator of the famous I ♥ NY design.

Glaser is smooth, sincere and articulate. I was so intrigued to hear him speak more. He seems approachable and easy to talk to, ev­­en noting that he sits amongst his entire office so they can work and communicate together. His humble manner was appealing. It is inspiring how many different projects he is involved on, not just magazines. He has a creative mind and wants to see the world more beautifully. In many of the interviews, you can see the wheels in his brain turning as he speaks. One part that was the most interesting was the idea that Glaser introduced the idea of eating “cheap” as being OK. He would write in his magazine about the best cheap eats and made it more socially acceptable. I can appreciate that as now it is a huge part of our culture and I’m thankful he started it.

The examples of his designs are inspiring and often had me saying “wow.” One design in particular (which I now know is the poster for the documentary) with a black face and a rainbow brain really inspired my poster. It was originally created for Bob Dylan. My poster is black, with white skulls, and a rainbow heart. The poster showed the impact of color and how it can tell a story in itself.

Glaser is a trailblazer and has a unique vision that will probably never be beat. So many of his iconic designs (NY, Brooklyn Brewery, Bob Dylan, etc.) are symbols of New York and America and will live on forever, bringing feelings of nostalgia and pride.


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