Storytelling Through Design

“Every object tells a story if you know how to read it”. This was my biggest takeaway from industrial design themed documentary, Objectified. It is crazy to think that each item, in every aspect of my life, is specifically and thoughtfully designed to be as useful, aesthetically pleasing, and functional as possible. Some design is so incredibly innovative that I, and the rest of the world, do not use objects to their full potential. The biggest example of this from the documentary is the end of the toothpick that breaks off to act as a stand. I have used toothpicks for years and never knew that this function existed! In this way, it saddens me to think how oblivious I am to innovative design such as this.

Design requires several ideas, people, and prototypes in order to discover the best solution possible and this documentary truly highlighted the thousands of ideas that designers go through in order to create the best design possible. Seeing the several different prototype designs for a potato peeler handle all thrown together in a box made me realize how many times a designer must fail in order to succeed. This puts my own approach to design, especially in our current magazine project, into prospective. This documentary taught me that good design, whether for physical products or digital pieces, elicit emotional responses and I strive to be the kind of designer that can make someone feel something while telling a story to the world.

Hannah Butler

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