Design: details in life

Different from architecture and artists, most designers are unknown, even those famous one, because people usually do not realize they live in a world made by designers and gets used to. No one would care who design this front or… Continue Reading


Blog Assignment #2 – Graphic Design in BDJ – Bangura

I am studying broadcast & digital journalism with a dual minor in African American Studies and Sociology. My short-term goal is to start off as a production assistant or associate producer at a station in either Richmond, VA or New… Continue Reading


lEtTeR & TeXt: w h a t i s i m p o r t a n t ?

Letter Many people in my generation (myself included) often associate “type” or “typefaces” with typing on the computer. From a young age, we experiment with the preset fonts that Microsoft Word has to offer. But, especially after reading Ellen Lupton’s… Continue Reading


Renting Good Traits for Class

My favorite piece of advice was from student 2: rent the Creative Cloud Suites per month. I have already used up all my free trials on every computer and email my family and I own, so I was wondering how… Continue Reading


Office Hours, Sketch, and Just Have Fun

The first thing that stood out to me after reading “Lessons Learned” was how important office hours really are. Nearly every single student listed going to office hours as one of the five most important things they learned. Professors constantly… Continue Reading