“Talent, Play and Intelligence”

Prior to viewing this documentary, I had never even considered the origin of the ubiquitous “I Heart NY” graphic, nor had I ever heard of Milton Glaser, truthfully. But in hearing Glaser speak about how, in creating this graphic, he wanted to recreate the love that all New Yorkers have for their city, I was astounded to hear how much meaning lay behind just four simple symbols. This new understanding of “I Heart NY” and Milton Glaser informed the documentary for me in a new way. What struck me most was the way that other designers spoke of Glaser. In particular, that Milton Glaser embodied the perfect combination of “Talent, Play and Intelligence.” I had never even considered that as a successful combination of characteristics before. To combine two so natural traits, talent and intelligence, with one inherent to all people, play, confounded me, but, in the context of all of Glaser’s designs, made perfect sense. With a task of both representing your subject and conveying a meaningful message, talent and intelligence are not nearly enough to get by. The simple idea of being able to play with and inject fun and joy into a design is what set Glaser’s designs apart. So, maybe, a little bit of play is what we all need, and who doesn’t like to play?



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