The Art of Type

I never really took time out to think about typefaces or fonts or anything when I am typing. I do just simply type. However, both the movie Helvetica and the reading introduced me to the art behind type. I have to admit some of the graphic designers were a little strange. Especially the one that carved all those words into his body. But, the broke down the art of type into a science. They gave Helvetica life. I almost forgot they were talking about a typeface and thought I was watching a documentary about someones life.

Now every time I am looking at advertisement  I pay a little closer attention to the typeface being used. It can really tell you everything. Each graphic designer stressed the importance of how legible, clean and clear helvetica is. It is important the your audience can in seconds get the message you are tying to project. You not only have to grab their attention but hold it long enough to get a message across.

Even the American Apparel notes card all over the store are in Helvetica. Even at my favorite store I never noticed how this typeface helped me to have a smooth shopping experience in which I simply read and find everything myself. Even though typefaces is something that we do not think about it is something that is studied very closely. The heights and width each are not accidental but intentional to build the anatomy of there typefaces. I will never look at Helvetica or any typeface the same again. Thanks graphics.




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