The Charm of Typeface

In the first chapter of Ellen Lupton’s book “Thinking with Type”, I’ve learned that each typeface tells us a different story. On the page that has several paragraphs with different typefaces, I have different feelings while I’m reading the content; some of the typefaces make me feel relaxed and natural, and some of them get my attention and even stress me out. This must be the charm of typeface!


Each time when I login my email account and click on “New Message”, the default typeface is always Helvetica, which is widely used in our life.


Before watching the movie “Helvetica”, I’ve never thought about why most companies used Helvetica in their brand logos; now, I got the idea: Helvetica is a typeface that being recognized as the one that not only be able to give people a human-like feel, but also very professional in uses. People may feel bored or lose interests while seeing a same typeface appearing everywhere. However, Helvetica is miraculous; no matter where it is being used, it could make the logos impressive and unique when designers adding their own thoughts on it. 


Just like what the designer in the movie said, “picking a typeface is like picking a weapon.” A good typeface can help us well express ourselves and attract the others to “read” our “stories”.


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