The Core Value of Design

Before watching To Inform and Delight, I had never heard of Milton Glaser. This documentary was a great introduction to Milton Glaser as a designer and it really helped to portray the great influence he had on the design community. Glaser’s work and ideology behind design significantly impacted every designer after him. This documentary shows how the power of design truly influences how we receive information, the way we buy things and the things that we buy. The one quotation that stood out to me during the documentary was Glaser’s opinion on the core value of design. He believes the root of design is the transformation of an idea that you hold in your mind that becomes real or material. This is the first time I heard someone describe the art of design in this manner and it makes a lot of sense. He took out the complexity that one may consider when thinking of design and focused on the simplistic aspect of the art. This documentary was extremely informative and helped me understand the origin of many designs.


Brianna Dutton

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